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Christian Wüthrich's website, which is the source of everything below, listed philosophers of physics, not philosophy of physics programs. Below is his alphabetical listing of individuals dating from December 2014.


Diederik Aerts, Free University Brussels; PhilPapers

Alexander Afriat, Université de Bretagne Occidentale; PhilPapers

Murad Akhundov, University of Pennsylvania

David Albert, Columbia University; Wikipedia; PhilPapers

Valia Allori, Northern Illinois University; PhilPapers

Theodore Arabatzis, University of Athens; PhilPapers

Aristidis Arageorgis, National Technical University of Athens; PhilPapers

Frank Arntzenius, University of Oxford; PhilPapers

Richard Arthur, MacMaster University; PhilPapers

Sunny Y Auyang, independent scholar; PhilPapers


Guido Bacciagaluppi, University of Aberdeen; PhilPapers

Manuel Bächtold, Université Montpellier 2; PhilPapers

Jonathan Bain, New York University; PhilPapers

David Baker, University of Michigan; PhilPapers

Yuri Balashov, University of Georgia; PhilPapers

Sorin Bangu, University of Bergen; PhilPapers

Anouk Barberousse, Université Lille 1; PhilPapers

Jeff Barrett, University of California, Irvine; PhilPapers

Andreas Bartels, University of Bonn; PhilPapers

Bob Batterman, University of Pittsburgh; PhilPapers

Claus Beisbart, University of Berne; PhilPapers

Gordon Belot, University of Michigan; PhilPapers

Joseph Berkovitz, University of Toronto; PhilPapers

Tomasz Bigaj, University of Warsaw; PhilPapers

Robert Bishop, Wheaton College; PhilPapers

Michel Bitbol, Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS; Wikipedia; PhilPapers

Alisa Bokulich, Boston University; PhilPapers

Peter Bokulich, Boston University; PhilPapers

Katherine Brading, University of Notre Dame; PhilPapers

Carolyn Brighouse, Occidental College; PhilPapers

Harvey Brown, University of Oxford; Wikipedia; PhilPapers

Jeff Bub, University of Maryland; PhilPapers

Paul Busch, University of York; PhilPapers

Jeremy Butterfield, University of Cambridge; Wikipedia; PhilPapers


Craig Callender, University of California, San Diego; PhilPapers

Kristian Camilleri, University of Melbourne; PhilPapers

Tian Yu Cao, Boston University; PhilPapers

Nancy Cartwright, University of Durham and University of California, San Diego; PhilPapers

Mario Castagnino, University of Buenos Aires; PhilPapers

Elena Castellani, University of Florence; PhilPapers

Jordi Cat, Indiana University; PhilPapers

Gabriel Catren, Université Paris 7 Diderot; PhilPapers

Adam Caulton, University of Cambridge; PhilPapers

Hasok Chang, University of Cambridge; PhilPapers

Rob Clifton (1964-2002), formerly of University of Pittsburgh; PhilPapers

Alberto Cordero, City University of New York; PhilPapers

Robert P Crease, SUNY, Stony Brook; PhilPapers

Elise Crull, City College of New York; PhilPapers

Michael Cuffaro, LMU Munich; PhilPapers

Erik Curiel, LMU Munich; PhilPapers

James Cushing (1937-2002), formerly of University of Notre Dame; PhilPapers

Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, University of Florence; PhilPapers


Kevin Davey, University of Chicago; PhilPapers

Richard Dawid, LMU Munich; PhilPapers

Heather Demarest, University of Oklahoma; PhilPapers

William Demopoulos, Western University Canada; PhilPapers

Michael Dickson, University of South Carolina; PhilPapers

Dennis Dieks, University of Utrecht; PhilPapers

Robert DiSalle, Western University Canada; PhilPapers

Foad Dizadji-Bahmani, California State University Los Angeles; PhilPapers

Mauro Dorato, University of Rome 3; PhilPapers

Cian Dorr, New York University; PhilPapers

Ari Duwell, University of Montana; PhilPapers


John Earman, University of Pittsburgh; PhilPapers

Nina Emery, Brown University; PhilPapers

Michael Epperson, California State University Sacramento; PhilPapers

Michael Esfeld, University of Lausanne; PhilPapers

Brigitte Falkenburg, Technical University Dortmund; PhilPapers


Jan Faye, University of Copenhagen; PhilPapers

Laura Felline, University of Rome 3; PhilPapers

Arthur Fine, University of Washington; PhilPapers

Gordon Fleming, Penn State; Blog; PhilPapers

Samuel Fletcher, LMU Munich; PhilPapers

Peter Forrest, University of New England, Australia; PhilPapers

Malcolm Forster, University of Wisconsin, Madison; PhilPapers

Bas van Fraassen, San Francisco State University; PhilPapers

Allan Franklin, University of Colorado; PhilPapers

Doreen Fraser, University of Waterloo; PhilPapers

Steven French, University of Leeds; PhilPapers

Cord Friebe, University of Bonn; PhilPapers

Michael Friedman, Stanford University; PhilPapers

Roman Frigg, London School of Economics; PhilPapers

Mathias Frisch, University of Maryland; PhilPapers


George Gale, University of Missouri, Kansas City; PhilPapers

Clark Glymour, Carnegie Mellon University; PhilPapers

Sheldon Goldstein, Rutgers University; PhilPapers

Hilary Greaves, University of Oxford; PhilPapers

Alexei Grinbaum, LARSIM Paris; PhilPapers

Adolf Grünbaum, University of Pittsburgh; PhilPapers

Alexandre Guay, Université catholique de Louvain; PhilPapers

Balázs Gyenis, Institute of Philosophy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; PhilPapers


Amit Hagar, Indiana University; PhilPapers

Ned Hall, Harvard University; PhilPapers

Hans Halvorson, Princeton University; PhilPapers

Gary Hardegree, University of Massachssetts, Amherst; PhilPapers

William Harper, Western University Canada; PhilPapers

James Harrington, Loyola University, Chicago; PhilPapers

Stephan Hartmann, LMU Munich; PhilPapers

Richard Healey, University of Arizona; PhilPapers

Adrian Heathcote, Independent Scholar; PhilPapers

Patrick Heelan, Georgetown University; PhilPapers

Carsten Held, University of Erfurt; PhilPapers

Geoffrey Hellman, University of Minnesota; PhilPapers

Meir Hemmo, University of Haifa; PhilPapers

Brian Hepburn, Wichita State University; PhilPapers

Ronnie Hermens, University of Groningen; PhilPapers

Carl Hoefer, Western University, Canada; PhilPapers

Gábor Hofer-Szabó, Institute of Philosophy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; PhilPapers

Mark Hogarth, University of Cambridge; PhilPapers

Don Howard, University of Notre Dame; PhilPapers

Nick Huggett, University of Illinois, Chicago; PhilPapers

R I G Hughes (1936-2013), formerly of University of South Carolina; PhilPapers


Cyrille Imbert, CNRS, Université Paris-Est Créteil; PhilPapers

Jenann Ismael, University of Arizona; PhilPapers

Max Jammer (1915-2010), formerly of Bar-Ilan University; PhilPapers


Michel Janssen, University of Minnesota; PhilPapers

Ben Jantzen, Virginia Tech; PhilPapers

Jon Jarrett, University of Illinois, Chicago; PhilPapers

Nicholaos Jones, University of Alabama, Huntsville; PhilPapers


William Kallfelz, Mississippi State University; PhilPapers

Ruth Kastner, University of Maryland; PhilPapers

Etienne Klein, LARSIM Paris; PhilPapers

Eleanor Knox, King’s College London; PhilPapers

Alexandre Korolev, University of British Columbia; PhilPapers

Herbert Korté, University of Regina; PhilPapers

Peter Kosso, Northern Arizona University; PhilPapers

Décio Krause, Federal University of Santa Catarina; PhilPapers

Fred Kronz, National Science Foundation, University of Texas, Austin; PhilPapers

Meinard Kuhlmann, University of Bielefeld; PhilPapers

Douglas Kutach, University of the West Indies; PhilPapers


James Ladyman, University of Bristol; PhilPapers

Vincent Lam, University of Lausanne; PhilPapers

Elaine Landry, University of California, Davis; PhilPapers

Marc Lange, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; PhilPapers

Federico Laudisa, University of Milan-Bicocca; PhilPapers

Soazig LeBihan, University of Montana; PhilPapers

Stephen Leeds, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; PhilPapers

Dennis Lehmkuhl, University of Wuppertal;PhilPapers

Peter Lewis, University of Miami; PhilPapers

Chuang Liu, University of Florida; PhilPapers

Barry Loewer, Rutgers University; PhilPapers

Olimpia Lombardi, University of Buenos Aires; PhilPapers

Tracy Lupher, James Madison University; PhilPapers

Holger Lyre, University of Magdeburg; PhilPapers


Edward MacKinnon, California State University, East Bay (Emeritus);; PhilPapers

Klaus Mainzer, Technical University Munich; PhilPapers

David Malament, University of California, Irvine; PhilPapers

John Manchak, University of California, Irvine; PhilPapers

Owen Maroney, University of Oxford; Alternate website; PhilPapers

Michela Massimi, University of Edinburgh; PhilPapers

James Mattingly, Georgetown University; PhilPapers

Tim Maudlin, New York University; PhilPapers

Nicholas Maxwell, University College London (Emeritus); Alternate website;; PhilPapers

Storrs McCall, McGill University; PhilPapers

Kerry McKenzie, University of California, San Diego; PhilPapers

Peter Mittelstaedt (1929-2014), formerly of University of Cologne; PhilPapers

Bradley Monton, University of Colorado; PhilPapers

Margaret Morrison, University of Toronto; PhilPapers

Chris Mortensen, University of Adelaide; PhilPapers

Fred Muller, University of Rotterdam; PhilPapers

Thomas Müller, University of Konstanz; PhilPapers

Ioan Muntean, University of North Carolina, Asheville; alternate website; PhilPapers

Wayne Myrvold, Western University Canada; PhilPapers


Graham Nerlich, University of Adelaide; PhilPapers

Alyssa Ney, University of Rochester; PhilPapers

Jill North, Cornell University; PhilPapers

John Norton, University of Pittsburgh; PhilPapers


Elias Okon, National Autonomous University of Mexico; PhilPapers


Flavia Padovani, Drexel University; PhilPapers

Matthew Parker, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE; PhilPapers

Tom Pashby, University of Southern California; PhilPapers

Massimo Pauri, University of Parma; PhilPapers

Slobodan Perović, University of Belgrade; PhilPapers

Vesselin Petkov, Hermann Minkowski Institute for Foundational Studies; PhilPapers

Wolfgang Pietsch, Technical University Munich; PhilPapers

Itamar Pitowsky (1950-2010), formerly of Hebrew University; PhilPapers

J. Brian Pitts, University of Cambridge; PhilPapers

Tomasz Placek, Jagiellonian University Krakow; PhilPapers

Oliver Pooley, University of Oxford; PhilPapers

Huw Price, University of Cambridge; PhilPapers


Miklós Rédei, London School of Economics; PhilPapers

Michael Redhead, London School of Economics; PhilPapers

Dean Rickles, University of Sydney; PhilPapers

Bryan Roberts, LSE; blog; PhilPapers

Jan-Willem Romeijn, University of Groningen; PhilPapers

Joshua Rosaler, University of Minnesota

Alex Rueger, University of Alberta; PhilPapers

Laura Ruetsche, University of Michigan; PhilPapers

Thomas Ryckman, Stanford University; PhilPapers

Rob Rynasiewicz, Johns Hopkins University; PhilPapers


Juha Saatsi, University of Leeds; PhilPapers

Simon Saunders, University of Oxford; PhilPapers

Steve Savitt, University of British Columbia; PhilPapers

Gregor Schiemann, University of Wuppertal; PhilPapers

Maximilian Schlosshauer, University of Portland; PhilPapers

Michiel Seevinck, Radboud University Nijmegen; PhilPapers

David Sharp, University of Alberta; PhilPapers

Orly Shenker, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; PhilPapers

Abner Shimony, Boston University; PhilPapers

Michael Silberstein; Elizabethtown College; PhilPapers

Larry Sklar, University of Michigan; PhilPapers

Ed Slowik, Winona State University; PhilPapers

Brad Skow, MIT; PhilPapers

Chris Smeenk, Western University Canada; PhilPapers

Sheldon Smith, University of California, Los Angeles; PhilPapers

Marshall Spector, SUNY, Stony Brook; PhilPapers

John Stachel, Boston University; PhilPapers

Allen Stairs, University of Maryland; PhilPapers

Michael Stöltzner, University of South Carolina; PhilPapers

Manfred Stöckler, University of Bremen; PhilPapers

Michael Strevens, New York University; PhilPapers

Ward Struyve, Rutgers University; PhilPapers

Mauricio Suárez, Complutense University Madrid; PhilPapers

Noel Swanson, University of Delaware; PhilPapers

László Szabó, Eötvös University; PhilPapers


Paul Teller, University of California, Davis; PhilPapers

Nicholas Teh, Notre Dame; PhilPapers

Karim Thébault, LMU Munich; PhilPapers

Chris Timpson, University of Oxford; PhilPapers

Roberto Torretti, University of Puerto Rico; PhilPapers

Roderich Tumulka, Rutgers University; PhilPapers


Jos Uffink, University of Minnesota; PhilPapers


Giovanni Valente, University of Pittsburgh

Peter Vickers, University of Durham; PhilPapers


David Wallace, University of Oxford; PhilPapers

Andrew Wayne, University of Guelph; PhilPapers

James Weatherall, University of California, Irvine; PhilPapers

Friedel Weinert, University of Bradford; PhilPapers

Steve Weinstein, University of Waterloo; PhilPapers

Sylvia Wenmackers, KU Leuven; PhilPapers

Charlotte Werndl, University of Salzburg; PhilPapers

Hans Westman; Instituto de Física Fundamental Madrid

Alastair Wilson, University of Birmingham; PhilPapers

Eric Winsberg, University of South Florida; PhilPapers

Adrian Wüthrich, Technical University Berlin; PhilPapers

Christian Wüthrich, University of California, San Diego; PhilPapers


Nino Zanghì, University of Genova; Preprints and Publications

Henrik Zinkernagel, University of Granada; PhilPapers

Lena Zuchowski, University of Salzburg; PhilPapers