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Rutgers University Philosophy Department[edit]

  • David Albert (part-time appointment; teaches one seminar a year) // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties:
  • Barry Loewer // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: 1) Metaphysics of physics: especially laws, probability, direction of time 2) foundations of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics 3) philosophy of cosmology
  • Sheldon Goldstein // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: foundations of quantum mechanics especially Bohmian Mechanics
  • Jill North (Starting in fall 2015; currently at Cornell) // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties:
  • Roderich Tumulka // website, PhilPapers
    • Specialties: Foundations of quantum mechanics

Other Faculty with Philosophy of Physics Interests

  • Brandon Fitelson (formal epistemology, logic) // website, PhilPapers
  • Ted Sider (metaphysics, philosophy of language) (Starting in fall 2015; currently at Cornell) // website, [1]
  • Dean Zimmerman (metaphysics, philosophy of religion) // website, PhilPapers