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A couple of quick thoughts:

1) You list several people (mostly in the UK) as "retired". Why list them? Are you sure they are still teaching and advising students? If not, or even if there is a lot of doubt, it seems better to not list them.

2) There are at least two people who are emeritus/retired in US programs that are not noted as such, but probably should be. (I doubt they are actively teaching, certainly not full time.) The ones I noticed are David Malament at Irvine and Arthur Fine at U. Washington. (Noting this properly would mean taking down U. Washington all together.)

3) Murat Akhundov at Penn isn't a regular faculty member. He's a long time contract/adjunct. He's a smart and nice guy, but he never teaches grad classes and can't supervise a dissertation or probably even be on a dissertation committee. He shouldn't be listed here.

4) Should the guy at Colorado be listed? He seems to have his appointment in the Physics department there, making it seem doubtful that he could supervise a dissertation in philosophy, though maybe the rules there allow it.

There are probably other cases like this - these were just things that I, not someone who works in this area at all, noticed quickly. I think these sites are nice ideas, but to be very useful, people will need to make them more accurate and keep them up to date.

Thank you. This is helpful information. Please feel free to make edits to the page. Creating an account is not required, though it is encouraged. -- Shawn (talk) 08:32, 30 January 2015 (PST)